Saturday, March 10, 2012

From the Ashes of Sorrow Come the Seeds of Comfort

"Spend any time with Australian businessman Bruce Hultgren and you're likely to find yourself in possession of a business card-sized piece of poetry with a gold-colored coin attached. The coin holds the raised image of a seated angel holding a dove.

Those cards and the messages they carry evolved from a moment of great sorrow in Hultgren's life. In 1999, his sister died unexpectedly, killed in an airplane crash. He realized that many people wanted to offer comfort but just didn't know what to say and as the bereaved, he might not have been ready to hear it yet. That understanding led to the beginnings of Pocket Angels, a lasting message of comfort to share with a bereaved individual."

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bob and Kathy Rawleigh - Making a New Path with a Song in Their Hearts

"Some new careers take special education, others take years of research. For Bob and Kathy Rawleigh, the road to a new career requires them to use the years of music ministry experience they've gained individually as well as together. This couple is moving their music out into the mainstream, even as they continue to minister in the sanctuary.

Bob has five CDs under his belt, recorded over the past decade. The first two offered contemporary Christian music. The third, "Filled with Love This Christmas," combined Christian and secular Christmas songs. "My Hope is Jesus," the fourth album, brought classic hymns into focus with new arrangements. The most recent, "Classic Songs for the Love of My Life," began as an anniversary gift to Kathy with a selection of American songs celebrating the joys of married love."

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mike Owen of Crystal Basin Cellars, Camino, CA

"As founder, president and 'el jefe' of Crystal Basin Cellars, Mike Owen already wears many hats. He's not afraid to put on a few more as the need arises.

Located in Camino, CA in the Apple Hill region, CBC is a bit of an oddity. Think of it as a co-op gone public. A bunch of friends got together and started making wine for fun. They soon realized that they had more than they could drink themselves so they started sharing it and then selling it."

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